All projects ever!

I wonder if I can list all the projects I’ve ever done. listen itself will be the biggest project I’ve ever done! As I review or revive old projects, I might blog about them and link from here.

If you’re interested in any of the projects below, leave a comment and I’ll knock up a post outlining what I’ve done on it so far.

Written in Javascript, a simulator that runs Quasi-C code targeted for an embedded PIC micro-controller system

Make an ultra-ergonomic computer desk

Flight simulator

Driving simulator for Grand Theft Auto V

Double triangular coffee table with castors which make a square table when joined

Homemade holograms

LED digital wall clock projector

DMX lighting desk.

Dmx lighting dongle.

Dmx intelligent luminaire lighting software.

Dmx controlled led bedroom lights.

Dmx controlled mains light dimmer.

Dmx controlled multi channel dimmer and switch.

Elegant multifunction desk for dj mixing, programming, game playing and music production  with dmx controlled rgb led lights.

Intelligent person-aware room environment management system , including motorised curtains pir sensors, light dimming circuits , control via phone, Internet, IR remote, …

Android powered room thermostat.

XY laser scanning system from scratch

Retrofit intelligent stage luminaire lamps with leds

Start a mobile disco firm.

Start a web design agency.

Start a coffee shop.

Start an electrician firm.

Study computer systems and software engineering.

Study business and marketing.

Study mental health nursing.

Write a diet loss android app.

Run a penpal website 4 prison inmates.

Run a dating website.

Buy and sell intelligent dmx stage lights.

Become an electrician.

Waste heat energy recovery Sterling engine.

Small garden wind turbines.

Artificial intelligence guided model airplane.

Artificial intelligence navigated model boat.

Homemade kiln for pottery firing and glass  annealing.

General purpose robotic arm.

Automated robotic stair climbing vacuum cleaner.

High voltage generator with ammeter and voltmeter adaptions 4 multimeter and high voltage rectifier and smoothing capacitor.

Flame throwing combat robot.

Remote control pyrotechnic display system.

Gaslighting conspiracy theory website.

Production of an amateur film.

Production and filming of scientific documentaries.

Creative fashion shoot photography.

Dance music production.

Experimentation with chemistry.

Experimentation with homemade hydrogen fuel cells.

Glass blowing.

Robotic coffee machine.

Build a log cabin.

Glass tube scorers… Lathe chuck, armature, ruler attachment.

Printer feeding aid. Printer dust protection enclosure.

Amplifier sound proofing rack case. PC noiseless water cooling heat exchanger.

IV curve tester for DC PSUs, solar panels, batteries, LEDs, zener diodes

Insulation resistance tester

Water splitter for hydrogen and oxygen extraction, for loads of things… Fuel cell experiments, high temperature flames, bangs, pops, sparks and fizzles, balloons.

NaCl hydrolysis for dropping a lump of sodium in a bowl of water.

Passing large current through propelling pencil lead for extreme brightness.

Burning magnesium ribbon.

Solar charger for car battery

Vehicle auxiliary electrics supply, low battery shut-off protection, extra interior lighting from perspex and 1w LEDs. Storage system. Current and voltmeter. Ignition and door switch controlled sockets with timer.

Essential oil distillation and apparatus.

Clock wall projector.

Alarm system with PIR, laser trip line, pressure mat, SMS alert, CCTV cloud storage.

Automated geo redundant data backup with raspberry pi.

Stereo FM transmitter.

LCD character display controlled with PIC microcontroller.

Stepper motor driver using bipolar transistors

EBay listing uploader, manager, stock control and pricing calculator.

My SQL database backup.

Raspberry pi webcam streamer.

Android car stereo media player app with Bluetooth.

CO2 laser for cutting, superheating.

CNC single/multi-axis rails and controller.

Portable ski-lift system.

UV strobe light with DMX interface.

Rooting android phones and installing custom ROMs.

Making a Li-Po portable LED floodlight.

Vehicle anti-static system.

Vehicle high current MOSFET relay circuit.

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