Installing Node.JS v4.0 on RPi

As usual, tutorials on Linux become out of date quickly. And as usual, linux tutorials always need fiddling to get working on any setup different to that of the author’s. So here is how I got node v4.0 installed on the RPi version B with Raspbian:

First, from this tutorial:

Then, from this tutorial:

Then edit ~/.bashrc:

Add this lineĀ  at the end:

Then edit ~/.profile:

Add this line at the end:


Finally you can get on with actually using it!

But if you want a slimmed-down Raspbian, try my tutorial on getting RaspberryPi-Ua-NetInst working with NodeJs.

This tutorial has a great introduction to using Node.JS. It requires NodeJS v4.0 which you should now have. Plus you now have nvm , the node version manager, which it also requires.


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