Trolls are breaking the Stack Exchange system: part 1

If a question is popular and gets a lot of attention, but is on a slightly off-kilter topic, what will happen? Enough users will look at it, misinterpret it and vote to close it. It just takes 5 users over any length of time. But then to get it re-opened, it’s near impossible. It takes 5 users over a short time. Yes, there’s a time limit, but only for reopening. And of course, once a question’s closed, views plummet because the SE system makes it so. So that question is then dead. A valuable question which brings a challenging concept [to some] … is permanently dead.

And what if you delete and start again? You get penalised. You can even get banned. What happens if you ask it a second time? It gets marked as a duplicate.

This is just one way  in which the SE system is broken. And it is trolls that are breaking it.

Rant over. For now.



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